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Themes to be covered

  • Major concern of environment and pollution (environmental education and awareness)
  • Relevance of Ganga Action Plan project and its proposed activities, program implementation, time frame, cost effectiveness, effective results.
  • Focus on roles and responsibilities of different stakeholders in the Project and to protect the Ganga River from pollution.
  • Water pollution and its various effects on the people with reference to the River Ganga.
  • Major sources of pollution (open defecation, sewage, entry of pollutants from weavers, and dhobis, into the river Ganga, etc.)
  • Need for restoration of water bodies/rivers particularly in the urban context, biodiversity aspect, with special focus on Ganga River etc.
  • Solid waste management
  • Exploitation of natural resources and its impact, tourism potential.
  • Local cultural traditional rituals and its relations with rivers and its relevance for protection of natural resources.
  • Related policies and legislations.