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Targeted Stakeholders

  • The target stakeholders for the Public Awareness and Public Participation under this Project are as follows:
  • Residents living adjacent to the Ganga River and nalas
  • Residents living in the Varanasi City, with a special focus on women
  • Students of schools /colleges
  • Weaving community, prevention of entry of the dyeing chemicals into the water bodies both surface and underground
  • Boat Men and other men related to Boating activity.
  • Shop keepers/vendors adjacent to the ghat
  • Pundits, Pujaris who perform rituals regularly, Shamshan Ghats (Harish Chandra Ghat, MarnkarnikaGhat)
  • Beggars on the Ghats/Hotels/Ashrams/Muths
  • Sanitary staff of VNN and Rag Pickers.(Kabadiwala)
  • Dhobis, vehicle users, cattle washers
  • Dome Community(community who works for cremation activity at Ghats)
  • Pilgrims of National and international.
  • Visitors for business purposes.
  • Barber community in the Ghats